Sanji-One Piece-

Sanji is the cook for the Straw Hat pirate gang. Loves women and almost died after chasing one of his dreams to meet a mermaid. Not only he is a good cook but also he is really strong in combat. He mostly only uses his legs to create unique kicks and moves with that. Sanji and Zoro, the three sword fighter, always gets in to fights competing, which is stronger than the other.

There is a scene when Sanji is serving a customer as a cook in a restaurant and kicks the crap out of him. Usually we would assume that the customer is always right. However experiencing the importance of food he could not forgive the customer that was wasting the food he served. His good appearance with a cigarette and his knight spirits makes him one of the favorite characters that I like.

This is the figure that I have.


Usoppu-One Piece-

Famous for his shooting skills Uspoou is a heartwarming member of the Straw Hat pirate gang.  As “Uso” meaning lie in Japanese, he always exaggerates and create lies to scare the oppents and also to cheer the crew or fellows up. Usually he is the one who tries to suggest or put the crew together when Luffy, Zoro and Sanji do crazy attempts. He also has not eaten the “Devils Fruit” but his shooting skill helps the crew for combat on ships and long distance enemies. Later on he brushes up his shooting skills with using special bullets from a mysterious island that allows him to shoot such things as plants that would immediately grow.

The scene I remember the most is when Usopp and Luffy the captain has a big fight and he once leaves the crew. Later on he comes back as “Soge King” wearing an obvious mask to rescue the crew. I would understand that there are times that it is too hard to directly say sorry. Eventually Usopp comes back to the crew and they seek for the treasure One Piece.

This is the figure I have.

Nami -One Piece-

                 Nami is a very sexy and skilled navigator for the Straw hat pirate gang. She values money more than anything else but that was from her sad past that involves the Aron Fish Gang. However meeting with Luffy and Luffy defeating Aron she becomes free and joins the Straw hat crew. She is an expert in forecasting the weather (a skill that a good navigator must have on the sea). Later on using her knowledge of the weather and the technology she learns at a unique Island in the sky, she creates a weapon that able to create thunder, wind and much kind of things related to weather.

One of the scenes that I remember is when Nami cries out to Luffy for help from the Aron fish gang and Luffy gets really mad at Aron.

In Japan, there are a lot of fans of Nami because of her sexy appereance(Including me). This is one of the figures that I have. Told you she was sexy:)??

Zoro -One Piece-

First member of the straw hat pirate gang Luffy recruited. Although I know a few people who can use two swords, Zero can use three swords one that he holds in his mouth. I know it might sound ridiculous but it’s actually really cool because you wouldn’t imagine all the new moves a person can make with three swordsJ. In the begging he was a pirate hunter but after saved by Luffy he joins his crew and becomes one of the core members of the gang especially for combat.

He is one of the strongest characters in the book that hasn’t ate the “devil’s fruit”. Always fighting with Sanji for which is stronger but that makes them competitive and making them become stronger and stronger.

One of the scenes that I love is the scene when he begs for the eagle eye Mihok to train him. Although he dreams becoming the number one swords man in the world defeating Mihok, he begs to become stronger to help out his captain Luffy.




This is one of the figures that I have.

Pretty cool:)?


One Piece(海賊王) Introduction

One Piece, a really famous and enjoyable comic book that I recommend to all people, young and old, boys and girls.

I read a lot of comic books where the main character fights bad guys using their super powers and saving the beautiful girl. One Piece is nothing like that. Yes, most of the strong characters have super powers but the power isn’t always like super ordinary and the main story is amazing.

Like the main character Luffy’s super ability is his body is made out of rubber. Rubber ?! How can he use rubber as a strength? Well first of all he couldn’t be damaged by fiscal attacks right? but he could be damages from swords. Second using his flexible strength he stretches and using that force that would pull him back he could punch or kick super strong. Don’t forget all the characters who has these super powers can’t swim!

Back to my point, One Piece isn’t only a comic book that character fights among each other. Its a story about friendship, adventure, love and mystery. In Japan I know many young girls enjoy One Piece as well(The friend who recomended me this comic book was actually a girl). Now I’m like obsessed with it and collect so many goods of it:). Its scary when I think about the amount and time if I had spend it on something else but I think its totally worth it:).

If you’ve never read it before just try it out! I know that it’s even translated in English. You won’t regret it!

Below is a picture of one of my figures Luffy, the main character.