Zoro -One Piece-

First member of the straw hat pirate gang Luffy recruited. Although I know a few people who can use two swords, Zero can use three swords one that he holds in his mouth. I know it might sound ridiculous but it’s actually really cool because you wouldn’t imagine all the new moves a person can make with three swordsJ. In the begging he was a pirate hunter but after saved by Luffy he joins his crew and becomes one of the core members of the gang especially for combat.

He is one of the strongest characters in the book that hasn’t ate the “devil’s fruit”. Always fighting with Sanji for which is stronger but that makes them competitive and making them become stronger and stronger.

One of the scenes that I love is the scene when he begs for the eagle eye Mihok to train him. Although he dreams becoming the number one swords man in the world defeating Mihok, he begs to become stronger to help out his captain Luffy.




This is one of the figures that I have.

Pretty cool:)?


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