Nami -One Piece-

                 Nami is a very sexy and skilled navigator for the Straw hat pirate gang. She values money more than anything else but that was from her sad past that involves the Aron Fish Gang. However meeting with Luffy and Luffy defeating Aron she becomes free and joins the Straw hat crew. She is an expert in forecasting the weather (a skill that a good navigator must have on the sea). Later on using her knowledge of the weather and the technology she learns at a unique Island in the sky, she creates a weapon that able to create thunder, wind and much kind of things related to weather.

One of the scenes that I remember is when Nami cries out to Luffy for help from the Aron fish gang and Luffy gets really mad at Aron.

In Japan, there are a lot of fans of Nami because of her sexy appereance(Including me). This is one of the figures that I have. Told you she was sexy:)??

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